Temple placement test essay

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English Language Placement Test Sample

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The Writing Test

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As a student who completed the Dual Admissions program in transferring from DCCC to Temple, I would say don't blow off the results of the placement test. The Writing Placement Exam involves choosing between two topics, reading the three articles provided, writing an essay (typical length:words), and answering a short reflection question (typical length: words).

You take the ACCUPLACER Writing Placement test. The test, administered by the College Board, helps students and their schools assess the level of writing skill. It’s an important step as students make their way to college.

Spanish Placement Exam

The following provides an overview of the test. Students scoring on Essay may re-test for placement into CRWT Checks returned due to insufficient funds will incur a $ handling fee Information about the ACCUPLACER Tests that includes an overview of how the test works, test-taking tips and sample questions is available online at The College Board website.

Temple University Placement Assessments Note - Placement Assessments ended on September 3, and testing is currently closed for Fall term testing.

College Placement & Program Admissions Testing

Placement Assessments will re-open on October 29, for Spring term testing. Contradictions are inherent in the evaluation of placement test writing, contradictions that at once value and devalue writers and writing, readers and reading.

In testing, the evidence for the essay's effectiveness rests almost entirely on the writer's choice of linguistic forms.

Essay Example for ACCUPLACER


Temple placement test essay
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Essay Example for ACCUPLACER