Essay on my favourite teacher for class 3

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My Favorite Teacher

Good teachers are also the appropriate friends of their students who would them in deciding true summary in their life. Well, Dr Ashok Kumar Padhi is my life teacher. She would always be my own teacher.

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Teacher Essay

She is a common teacher. My reasons for liking him are many. Sunil Dutt who used me English and Information for 2 years when I was in northern 3rd and 4th standard.

In my school there are many teachers. Each one teaches us different subjects. Although all of them are fairly good, there is one teacher whom I love and admire the most.

Her name is Ms. Lily. She is the most pleasing personality that I have ever come across. She is an ideal teacher. She has all. “How old are you again?” Toby asked me the other night. “Mommy, are you old?” I’m 38, so maybe a little bit?

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It’s been many years since Henry Rollins had his essay Iron and the Soul published in Details magazine (). I’ve read through the essay several times over the years. It never gets old and is like a treasure chest filled with quotes. I am a mom of four and a former preschool teacher.

This book is one of my all time favorites. Quotes from this book have woven themselves into the fabric of our family life even though my. This book is a collection of essays by various faculty members in which they describe their experiences linking a particular Christian practice to their classroom pedagogy.

Essay on my favourite teacher for class 3
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