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Raoul Duke

At the age of four, Wilhelm succeeded his father. The North Carolina State Bar requires new lawyers who have just passed the North Carolina Bar Exam to take 12 hours of specialized CLE courses.

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Optional Essay I: You may submit an essay providing additional information about why you have chosen to apply to law school in general and Duke in particular. We are interested in the factors that have prompted your interest in a legal career and the ways in which you think Duke can further that interest.

Barry Lam. is associate professor of philosophy at Vassar College, New York state, and is Humanities-Writ Large fellow at Duke University in North Carolina. Carly Hallman is a professional writer and editor with a B.A.

in English Writing and Rhetoric (summa cum laude) from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. She has worked as a curriculum developer, English teacher, and study abroad coordinator in Beijing, China, where she moved in In college, she was a Gilman Scholar and worked as a staff editor for her university's academic journal.

Duke Law School is a community of lawyers. Some are in the earliest days of their careers; some are in the depths of intense study and research rooted in years of practice, teaching, and public Admissions | Duke University School of Law.

Duke law essay
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